Dental Flossing Facts!

Hendersonville Dentist Talks Floss!

Did you know nearly 27% of patients lie about how often you are flossing. The reason is fairly simple, people don’t like to floss. In fact, they’s rather wash dishes, clean a toilet or even spend time doing their taxed than gloss. The ADA association reports that nearly 50% if Americans floss daily, and 18% don’t floss at all. YUCK!

When you consider that flossing helps prevent gum disease and cavities and not flossing is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, it makes you wonder why more people don’t do it.


Flossing Facts- Hendersonville Family Dentistry.

  • The most important thing is to just floss regularly. Whether you floss before or after you brush it doesn’t matter as long as you are flossing.
  • Try storing floss in your car, in your bag or in your office drawer then break it out when you have time.
  • Flossing removes plaque from area’s between your teeth that your toothbrush can’t reach. If this plaque isn’t removed, it can eventually harden into calculus or tartar leading to gum disease.
  • You need not use any dental floss to clean between your teeth. There are other options specifically made for the purpose, like pre-threaded flosser’s, tiny brushes that can reach between your teeth, pointed rubber tips, or wooden plaque removers.
  • Flossing should not be painful!
  • Be aware of flossing too hard it could damage the tissue between your teeth.
  • Children should start to floss as soon as they have two teeth that touch.

Sedation Dentistry

Relax with Sedation Dentistry

We understand that many of our patients have a fear of dentistry. You may be concerned about experiencing pain from sensitive teeth or routine procedures. General anxiety is also common. Do not put off visiting Hendersonville Family Dentistry where we offer various types of sedation to take the pain and fear out of your dental procedure.

Types of Sedation at Dental Office in Hendersonville-TN.

  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation- For many patients, nitrous oxide, combined with local anesthetics, will provide pain relief and reduce dental anxiety. You will be capable of driving shortly after the procedure is completed.
  • Oral Injected Sedation- With oral sedation, you may be given a pill or liquid to consume several hours before your procedure. You will not be able to drive yourself to the appointment.
  • Nitrous Oxide with Oral Sedation- If you experience higher levels of anxiety an oral injected sedative can be offered before nitrous oxide is started. This is also effective for reducing anxiety regarding the injection of local anesthetics.
  • General Anesthesia- This type of anesthesia can be offered as an inhaled gas or intravenous liquid. If no oral sedative is given before the general anesthesia is administered, you should wake up quickly after your procedure is complete.

Do not hesitate to as Dr. Harbin or Dr. Jones about receiving sedation or pain prevention when you visit. We will be glad to explain the options we have available and aswer all your questions to ensure that your exam is pleasant for you.

Use Them or Lose Them!

Dental Insurance Benefits

Do you have dental insurance? Unsure? Well if you have health insurance than more than likely you are paying into for dental insurance as well. So my next question is, have you been to the dental office recently? Are you going for your periodical cleanings, or needing dental work done? Then what are you waiting for! If you are paying into your company, or it’s coming out of your check each week, then why are you not using your dental benefits?

There should be NO EXCUSE! You are allowing your dental benefits go to waste. Oh, so you are waiting until you have a major toothache. Well that’s just pardon my language stupid that is just going to cost you more money. Why no maintain your smile, visit your dentist twice a year and take up on the opportunity of your dental benefits.

Schedule Your Appointment Today.


Please, don’t wait until December to try and make an appointment with our office, because more than likely we won’t have any appointments available for you. Call our office today 615-822-8262 to schedule your appointment. This gives you plenty of time if you need treatment to plan ahead and schedule it and work it out with your schedule.

Again, you are paying for your dental benefits so why allow that money go to waste. If you don’t use them, you lose them. These benefits do not roll over to next year.


September is National Gum Care Month!

September Already!?


Can you believe it’s already September? At Hendersonville Family Dentistry we know that gingivitis the early stage of periodontal disease, can be difficult to recognize. Many people don’t recognize the warning signs, bleeding and swollen gums, as a precursor to gum disease. This month, a national campaign is under way to raise awareness about gum health and periodontal disease, and we wanted to help do our part to spread the word!

Important Steps to Healthy Gums.

Studies have been published every year linking oral health, including the gums, to the health of other areas of the body, such as your heart. One of the most important steps to improving the care of your gums is recognizing the warning signs for gum disease. These can include:

  1. Gums that appear red or swollen
  2. Gum that feel tender
  3. Gums that bleed easily (during brushing or flossing)
  4. Gums that recede or pull away from the teeth
  5. Persistent halitosis, or bad breath
  6. Loose teeth
  7. Any change in the way teeth come together in the biting position

If you happen to notice any of these sings with your or your child, please schedule an appointment at our office in Hendersonville, TN. Our team will begin taking proactive steps to prevent gingivitis and gum disease, while showing you how to improve hum care in your or your child’s daily oral hygiene habits.

Managing Oral Pain

Visit Hendersonville Family Dentistry

Experiencing tooth or oral pain is not fun. If you can not get to Hendersonville Family Dentistry right away, the pain may even seem to increase. The old saying that a tooth will stop hurting once you get to a dentist is not that far from true. However, there are many tips you can try to relieve your oral pain until you see Dr. Harbin or Dr. Jones.

Common Pain Relief Options.

First, you need to determine the source of the pain. This is sometimes not possible, but it may help. If you are experiencing pain between your teeth or along the gum line, try swishing some warm salt water in your mouth. One teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of warm (not hot) water is all you need.

You can also try flossing as long as bleeding is not present. Salt water soothes other mouth irritations to reduce pain. You can also try over-the-counter pain relievers including oral medications or topical gels.

Toothpastes designed to relieve pain from sensitive teeth may work. While these pastes do take time to reach full effectiveness they can be helpful if you have to wait several days.

Remember, these tips are only designed to provide temporary pain relief. You need to schedule an appointment at Hendersonville Family Dentistry quickly. Call and schedule an emergency appointment with Dr. Harbin, Dr. Jones and Dr. McNutt as soon as possible.

We are open six days a week, Monday-Saturday, need more information on our hours, please click here.

Are You Getting Your Energy Through a Drink?

Are Energy Drinks Bad for Your Teeth?

Many of our patients at Hendersonville Family Dentistry ask us this questions, so here is the scoop. Energy drinks have been on the rise, taking up more and more space on grocery store shelves. Drinks such as Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy, Monster Assault, Rockstar, and the like promise to jump start your day, given you more energy, and help you feel more alert. They also do a lot more than that. Turns out, they do a pretty good job of stripping your teeth of enamel, which can be very bad.

What Can You Do?

We aren’t recommending you drink energy drinks at all, if you must drink one occasionally, there are a few things you can do to minimize the damage to your teeth.

  1. Drink through a straw.
  2. Don’t hold the drink in your mouth before swallowing.
  3. Rinse your mouth with water immediately after drinking this kind of beverage. Water helps both to neutralize the acid and to increase the production of saliva.
  4. Chew sugar-free gum immediately after to increase saliva production.
  5. Don’t brush your teeth right after drinking an energy drink. Wait at least an hour instead, because the combination of the acid and brushing will further damage tooth enamel.

The best advice is to refrain from drinking energy drinks altogether. One of the best hydrators is water. Water is a natural energy-booster and hydrator and it doesn’t contain calories.

If you have further questions or concerns about energy drinks please call our office today. 615-822-8262

Ways To Get Kids Ready for School

School Is Back In Session

Just as soon as you’ve gotten into your summer routine, back to school seems to be lurking right around the corner. Getting ready for back to school can be just as stressful as it is for kids. Here’s a checklist that will make getting ready a little bit easier for everyone.

Seven Tips for Back To School.

  1. Taking inventory of your kid’s wardrobe. What clothes have they grown out of, and what needs to be replaced? Make a list for back to school shopping to avoid the panic on picture day.
  2. Check to see if your child’s school provides back to school checklist for school supplies.
  3. Review your emergency plan with your children. Make sure the school has all of your updated medical information and accurate emergency contacts.
  4. If your child is using a locker and combination lock for the first time, practice going over the combination with them until they feel comfortable.
  5. Confirm after school pick up times and child care arrangements
  6. Try prepping a week’s worth of school lunches in advance.
  7. Talk to your kids about any fears or concerns they have about the upcoming school year. It’s normal for kids to be nervous before the start of a new year, but knowing that you’re there to talk can help assuage their first day ¬†jitters.

It’s normal for kids to be nervous before the start of a new year, but knowing that you’re there to talk can help relieve their first day jitters.