Are You Pregnant? Oral Health Concerns

Oral Health Concerns Specifically To Expecting Mothers.

A lot of changes occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy. Hormone fluctuation are responsible for many of these changes, including the need for additional attention to the teeth and gums. Women who are expecting are at an increased risk for oral health complications, including gingivitis and tooth decay, which can lead to irreversible damage. Fortunately there are steps pregnant women can take to keep their teeth and gums in optimal health from the first trimester to delivery day. Dr. Harbin and Dr. Jones and our team at Hendersonville Family Dentistry thought we would share them.


Steps To Keep Teeth and Gums Healthy.

  1. At Home Dental Care: Brushing a minimum of twice per day with using fluoridated toothpaste. Following up with floss to keep bacteria from accumulating in hard to reach spaces.
  2. Dental Checkups: Please allow us to know as soon as you find out that you are expecting. It is safe and recommended to continue visiting Hendersonville Family Dentistry for routine dental checkups and cleanings during pregnancy. Avoiding teeth cleanings during pregnancy can lead to serious consequences including advanced tooth decay and infection.

Call our office if you experience any unusual symptoms such as bleeding gums, reddened gums, or painful gums. If you experience a broken tooth, tooth pain, or bad breath that doesn’t go away upon brushing. We are here for you!


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