Back to School With Healthy Smiles

So Long Summer, School Is Back In Session.

I know almost everyone enjoyed the long lazy days of summer, unless yours consisted of going non stop then you may have a different opinion. In the office we have heard several parent’s who were ready for their children to return to school, while other’s have said it wasn’t long enough or it simply went by too fast. With school back in session we are all facing the school traffic each morning, weather it’s waiting in a school zone forever, or simply you left five minutes later and got stuck behind the neighborhood school bus.

Send Your Child Back To School With A Healthy Smile.

The supply list for your child’s school and classroom became available back in July, so we all know you have more than likely already bought those school supplies for your kids. Then it comes to back to school clothes shopping, which was taken advantage of tax free weekend I am sure. Next, you weren’t going to send your child back to school without a fresh haircut he or she needed to look their best, right? So the last thing you want to do is to send your child back to school without a healthy mouth. Were you able to get your child into our office this Summer for their dental cleaning and checkup? If you weren’t, there is still plenty of time and opening’s for you to take advantage of! Why send your child back to school without a clean healthy smile? Call us today to schedule your appointment before those Fall sports and events kick back up and your schedule’s get too busy!


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