Back To School…Already?

August Is Just Around the Corner

We can tell that school is almost back in session, our office has been full of seeing and treating kid’s before their fall schedule’s get too busy. We are loving see all of our families in Hendersonville, TN and asking what they have been up to this summer. When asking most of them if they are ready to go back they say “no not yet” or other’s may say “yeah I am ready to see my friends again.”

As for the upcoming college freshmen we can’t get them to stop talking so we can begin our work of cleaning or treatment. They are so excited to tell us where they are attending college and what they will be majoring in. Of course some of us who have attended the same college they are attending are dishing out all of the advice we can give.

Is The Dentist On Your List of To Do’s.

Are you or your family members due for their dental cleaning’s? Now is the PERFECT time to get yourself and your family into our office for your routine dental cleaning and or finish that unscheduled treatment you may still have. Why wait until the kid’s are back in school or your fall schedule’s pick up when you have the free time right now!

Call our office and we can get you scheduled today! 615-822-8262 


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