Do You Understand Your Dental Insurance?

Do You Have Dental Insurance?

Do you have dental insurance? Do you understand exactly how it works and what it covers? Sure, dental insurance is a huge benefit since it save you a lot of money. You can protect your teeth and smile at a fraction of the price you’d pay without dental insurance. Still coverage is often confusing. You need to know what you can and can’t do on your current plan.

Basic Type of Dental Coverage

Fee for service is the basic type of dental coverage most employers offer. The worker doesn’t know when they’ll need dental work performed. So, the plan lets the worker decide when to schedule an appointment. Once there, the employees receives any dental work that is needed.

The payment at the dentists office is straightforward. The patient tells the dental employee which insurance company will cover the service. The office worker checks to see how much that company covers. The patient is responsible for the rest, which is usually only a small percentage of the cost. Fee for service plans ordinarily requires the patient to pay some amount at the dental office. Otherwise, the patients sets up a payment schedule.


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