Going To the Dentist When Sick

Should I Go To The Dentist When I’m Sick

You want to practice excellent dental hygiene. You also know how long it takes to get a dental appointment sometimes. That’s why you hate the idea of cancelling. What should you do if you are sick? If your options are keeping the appointment or rescheduling, what’s better for you, the workers in the dentist’s office and other patients? Here’s the guide on whether you should go to the dentist when you’re sick.

How Sick Are You?

Since you’re quite possibly on the hook for a cancellation fee, your instinct is probably to go. While other issues will impact your decision, the first thing to decide is how sick you are. Something like a headache isn’t contagious. Your ability to sit through a dental appointment is a matter of pain tolerance.

Contagious illnesses are a different story. When you are sick and could pass along your illness to other, you should think about how your choice impact them. Obviously though, you might not know if you’re contagious. So you should make an educated guess based on your symptoms.

When you are contagious, your best bet is to contact Hendersonville Family Dentistry and ask about our policy for these situations. We will tell you whether they can easily reschedule you for a different date. Alternately, they can offer advice on how to handle the situation while you’re in the office.



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