Alleviating Anxiety Before Your Implant Procedure.

Are You Getting Dental Implants?

Does the thought of getting a dental implant put your stomach in knots? There are many people who don’t enjoy getting dental work done and there are several reason’s why. Allow us to offer you some tips that can help put you at ease for implant procedure.

Sedation Dentistry in Hendersonville, TN

For lengthy procedures like an implant procedure, sedation dentistry may be an option for you. With sedation dentistry you are given sedation medication, usually orally with a pil or intravenously, which allows you to drift through the entire procedure without any memory of it afterward.

To avoid any complications, a complete medical background check is made along with a record of any allergies before any sedation is administered. your vital signs are also monitored throughout the entire process.

Please remember to communicate with us regarding any concerns or anxiety that you may have. Not only does this build a relationship of trust but it allows us to try and alleviate your anxiety as much as we can.



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