Things You Should Never Do With Your Toothbrush.

Do You Use Your Toothbrush Everyday?

When’s the last time you gave your toothbrush any serious thought? Sure, you use it everyday ( ideally twice), and you know that with a dollop of toothpaste it waxes up your pearly whites nicely, not to mention preventing bacteria, plaque and inflammation.

What are the things you should never do with your toothbrush? Here’s a brush-up on toothbrush no-no’s, from Hendersonville Family Dentistry. 



Five Toothbrush No-No’s

  1. If you have your toothbrush too close to the toilet, you’re brushing your teeth with what’s in the toilet. In other words, keep your toothbrush stored as far from the toilet as possible.
  2. The average toothbrush harbors ten million microbes. Many families keep their toothbrushes jammed together in a cup holder on the bathroom sink, but this can lead to cross contamination. Family members toothbrushes should be kept an inch apart. Don’t worry, they won’t take it personally.
  3. Don’t delay replacing your toothbrush. It’s best to purchase a new one every three to four months, but by all means get one sooner if the bristles are broken down because of your frequent vigorous brushing. If you have a cold or flu, replace your toothbrush after recovery.
  4. Store your toothbrush out of the reach for toddlers. The last thing you want is for your toothbrush to be chewed like a pacifier, dipped in toilet water, or used to probe the dusty heating ducts.
  5. Sharing is caring right? Here is the thing: As important as sharing is, there are some things you don’t share and your toothbrush is one of them.

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