Tooth Fairy’s Tips for Teaching Dental Care

National Tooth Fairy Day–What?!

Did you know National Tooth Fairy Day is coming up on February 28th and it’s also National Children’s Dental Health Month. We wanted to combine these two year learning opportunities to help you teach your kids about the importance of caring for teeth.

Even though kids don’t lose their baby teeth until around age 6, it’s still a great idea to introduce them to the tooth fairy early on. This can help them get excited about brushing and flossing, so that their teeth will be clean and healthy by the time they lose them.

Make it Fun!

Let’s face it, the appeal of finding money under their pillow is sure to encourage kids to take care of their teeth. The Tooth Fairy can also leave little gifts that reinforce good oral hygiene, such as a new toothbrush or new toothpaste.

We all have Pinterest these days, follow us on Pinterest we have a whole board dedicated to the tooth fairy!


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