Surprising Ways to Prevent Cavities

Numerous Ways to Prevent Cavities

There are numerous ways to prevent cavities. Some, like brushing your teeth regularly and visiting Hendersonville Family Dentistry, are more obvious than others. Beyond the standard methods of preventing cavities there are a number of different ways to keep your mouth healthy that you might also find surprising.

Five Tips to Prevent Cavities

  1. Reduce your consumption of carbs and sugar. –The consumption of sugar is ultimately the biggest catalyst for cavities. Limiting the sugar you consume both at meals and while snacking you will in turn be preventing cavities. This goes for all carbs, not just sugar..
  2. Rinse your mouth with food-grade hydrogen peroxide  Some people this may seem a little odd, but washing your mouth out with a food-grade hydrogen peroxide is an excellent way to prevent cavities. Doing this will kill harmful bacteria that accumulates in your mouth in the same way applying the anti-septic to a cut does.
  3. Use a straw.– If you are someone that drinks a lot of sugary beverages a great way to prevent cavities is to use a straw. This way the sugar in the beverage does not come into contact with your teeth as much as it would if you were to drink straight from a glass, can , or cup and even a bottle.
  4. Chew gum– Chewing gum is another viable way of preventing cavities. You, of course, will need to chew a sugarless gum flavored with a substitute is like Xylitol, and preferably with a cavity fighting ingredient in it.
  5. Eat cheese — Plain and simple cheese has a protein called casein which helps build calcium in your teeth which is vital to the integrity of your mouth and preventing cavities.

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