Why Do My Gums Bleed So Easily?

Do Your Gums Bleed?

Do your gums frequently bleed when you brush your teeth or eat certain types of food? The sight of blood originating from your gums can be frightening to say the least, but understanding the root cause of this condition will allow you to better treat and prevent.

Common Causes of Bleeding Gums

There are a number of different factor which can play a role in the bleeding gums, one of which is the presence of plaque buildups at or around the gum line. Also known as gingivitis, this condition is characterized by bacteria which accumulates and thrive around the gums, thus causing an inflammatory response by the body’s immune system. Unless the plaque is removed, it will harden to form tough tarter which subsequently leads to further bleeding.

Bleeding gum could be a sign of the jawbone disease known as periodontitis. Not to be confused with gingivitis , periodontitis is more severe condition in which bacteria makes its way up the side of the teeth to the gum line. Once here, the bacteria can destroy portions of the jawbone, increasing the risk of tooth decay and tooth loss.

Tips for Preventing Bleeding Gums: 

  • Brush your teeth and gums with a soft bristle toothbrush.
  • Use an ADA – approved mouth rinse.
  • Avoid the use of tobacco products
  • Unless recommended by your doctor, avoid the use of aspirin, ibuprofen or similar blood thinning drugs.
  • Floss between your teeth daily.

Contact us if you have problems with bleeding gums or if you would like to schedule an appointment with on our dentist in Hendersonville, TN.


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