How Dry Mouth Can Affect Your Oral Health

Are You Experiencing Dry Mouth?

Dry Mouth is a common condition that is somewhat overlooked. Patients can experience various levels of dry mouth. The most common cause of dry mouth is the side effect of many medications. Treatment for head and neck cancer or tumors (radiation therapy) also affects dry mouth symptoms.

Dry Mouth Increases Incidence of Cavities.

Dry mouth increases the incidence of cavities, demineralization, tooth sensitivity,burning sensation, and gum recession.

It is important to discuss these problems with your dentist and physician. Your physician may be able to change you medication to ones with fewer side effects. Your dentist will recommend topical fluoride treatment to minimize cavities, salivary stimulants and acids such as sugar free chewing gum, over the counter remedies such as biotene and carrying bottles water with you to keep your mouth hydrated.

While there is no cure for dry mouth, these simple steps can help minimize symptoms.


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