Why Crowns Are Recommended to Patients

Multiple Reasons For A Crown

There are multiple reasons for doing crowns and different types of materials that crowns can be made of. I will try to cover the most basic reasons crowns are diagnosed and recommended. Most often, they are made of porcelain material that is both durable and aesthetic.

Some of the most common reasons crowns are needed initially is because of the decay.Often times, especially with silver (amalgam) fillings, cracks and marginal leaks allow bacteria to filter underneath the filling causing decay to grow fairly large. When teeth have large fillings, especially ones that cover more than a 1/2 of the biting surface of the tooth, the tooth is at a much higher risk of breaking and fracture. When the tooth does eventually fracture, it can break in ways that we can’t predict, often leading to root canals or even extractions.

Crowns Provide A Stable and Reliable Protection.

Nevertheless, crowns provide a stable and reliable protection for teeth that have been weakened. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Harbin or Dr. Jones at Hendersonville Family Dentistry, and we will be more than willing to help you!


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