Are Your Wisdom Teeth Bothering You?

Do Your Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed?

One of the areas we evaluate during your new patient or recall exam is the presence of absence of third molars, more commonly known as “wisdom teeth.” If they are present, have they erupted into oral cavity? If so , we have to evaluate if they are decayed and can the decay be removed and the tooth restored. Some third molars can be restored, but some are not accessible and a recommendation for their removal is made.

Unsure If You Have Third Molars?

Some patients don’t even know they still have third molars. Rarely, an unerupted third molar can fora cyst. If this should occur, it must be removed. This is why a panoramic radiograph of the entire jaw bone must be taken periodically during your exam. If it has been recommended for you to have your wisdom teeth removed, the sooner you have it done the better. The younger you are the easier it is to tolerate the procedure and healing process. If you have a concern about your wisdom teeth, consult with Hendersonville Family Dentistry. An appointment can be made to see our Oral Surgeon that comes into our office once a month.


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