Glad to be back at work in Hendersonville after the 4th of July Holiday

I took 4 days off last week, probably the first time I have done that in a year. As expected the dental office was slammed Monday.

We were fixing all the problems from the weekend. It seems that teeth only brake on the weekend or when you are out of town. A normal two day weekend is bad enough, but this was twice as bad.  We were helping lots of patients with their dental problems. Tuesday was intense as well, I did 4 root canals I think.


Luckily by Wednesday it had calmed down a little and less dental emergencies are coming through the door.

When someone has a legitimate toothache, you try everything in your power to get them fixed up and not reappoint them. We keep extra chairs and extra staff just for the reason. Anyway happy late 4th of July, weather is beautiful in Hendersonville now, lets hope it stays this way. God bless.

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