Hendersonville is growing, and not just for dentists

Dr. Scott Harbin

When I opened my dentist office in Hendersonville 3 years ago I had no idea how fast this area was growing

     I’ve been told that thirty thousand cars drive by my office a day, and I am not even on the main road. I originally put my dental clinic up here, because of the lake. Hendersonville seemed like a nice place to raise a family, and we found an amazing place to put my office. The people seemed friendly and the area seemed like there was plenty of room for another dentist in hendersonville.

So we found the real estate agent and opened the dental office!

     I was very impressed by the organization of the construction company. They worked 7 days a week and were done in a month. We had to pick out paint, flooring, and equipment. Different brands, computers, and software. We then found some furniture and opened the doors. We hired some of my friends and started to build my team. The team is the most important part of  a dentist office, even more important than the doctor in my opinion. We started small, but have since built an amazing team that I am very proud of.

There were definitely some growing pains and learning curves.

    I welcome change and am ok knowing that not every new thing we try works, but we would never know which procedures and business systems did, if we were not always continuously educating ourselves and pushing forward. You have to be a constant learner in whatever you do. Dental technology is moving to quickly to stand still. If you are not pushing forward you are being left behind. In the next blog I will talk about the rest of the first year hendersonville family dentistry was  open in 2008.



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