Are You Getting Your Energy Through a Drink?

Are Energy Drinks Bad for Your Teeth?

Many of our patients at Hendersonville Family Dentistry ask us this questions, so here is the scoop. Energy drinks have been on the rise, taking up more and more space on grocery store shelves. Drinks such as Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy, Monster Assault, Rockstar, and the like promise to jump start your day, given you more energy, and help you feel more alert. They also do a lot more than that. Turns out, they do a pretty good job of stripping your teeth of enamel, which can be very bad.

What Can You Do?

We aren’t recommending you drink energy drinks at all, if you must drink one occasionally, there are a few things you can do to minimize the damage to your teeth.

  1. Drink through a straw.
  2. Don’t hold the drink in your mouth before swallowing.
  3. Rinse your mouth with water immediately after drinking this kind of beverage. Water helps both to neutralize the acid and to increase the production of saliva.
  4. Chew sugar-free gum immediately after to increase saliva production.
  5. Don’t brush your teeth right after drinking an energy drink. Wait at least an hour instead, because the combination of the acid and brushing will further damage tooth enamel.

The best advice is to refrain from drinking energy drinks altogether. One of the best hydrators is water. Water is a natural energy-booster and hydrator and it doesn’t contain calories.

If you have further questions or concerns about energy drinks please call our office today. 615-822-8262

Ways To Get Kids Ready for School

School Is Back In Session

Just as soon as you’ve gotten into your summer routine, back to school seems to be lurking right around the corner. Getting ready for back to school can be just as stressful as it is for kids. Here’s a checklist that will make getting ready a little bit easier for everyone.

Seven Tips for Back To School.

  1. Taking inventory of your kid’s wardrobe. What clothes have they grown out of, and what needs to be replaced? Make a list for back to school shopping to avoid the panic on picture day.
  2. Check to see if your child’s school provides back to school checklist for school supplies.
  3. Review your emergency plan with your children. Make sure the school has all of your updated medical information and accurate emergency contacts.
  4. If your child is using a locker and combination lock for the first time, practice going over the combination with them until they feel comfortable.
  5. Confirm after school pick up times and child care arrangements
  6. Try prepping a week’s worth of school lunches in advance.
  7. Talk to your kids about any fears or concerns they have about the upcoming school year. It’s normal for kids to be nervous before the start of a new year, but knowing that you’re there to talk can help assuage their first day  jitters.

It’s normal for kids to be nervous before the start of a new year, but knowing that you’re there to talk can help relieve their first day jitters.

Healthy Smiles For All Ages

Bring  A Healthy Smile Back to School.

Aaah, August school is back in session. No matter which emoji you’re using to describe how you feel about it, there’s no getting around the fact that it’s back to school time. Listen up parents, how can you get back into the swing of things, get the kids out the door and into the classroom with their healthiest smile and keep you sanity? We have a few suggestions for any age group that just might help.

Healthy Smiles for All Ages.

If your young child is along for a trip to the dentist or orthodontist, it’s a great opportunity to teach them about the importance of visiting the dentist. You can also give your child a guided tour of dental office and help get them used to the sights and sounds during this impressionable age. Just ask any of our staff at your local office we are always happy to help create a positive experience for kids.

There are many fun ways to teach young kids all about teeth- what they are made of, how to take good care of them. Children learn best when their senses are engaged. Craft projects and other hands on activities are a great way to capture a child’s interest, even when it comes to dental health.

We recommend parents bring their children in for the first dental visit by twelve months of age, and every six months after that. Call our office 615-822-8262 to schedule your appointment today!

Is Nitrous Oxide Safe?

What is Nitrous Oxide

Our team at Hendersonville Family Dentistry understands that the sighs, sounds and sensations at a dental office can be unsettling for some patients. One effective technique that we use to comfort you is to offer the gas nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is common anesthetic used during many dental procedures.

Nitrous oxide is an oxide of nitrogen which has a slight odor and taste. During medical or dental procedures, the gas is mixed with oxygen than inhaled through a mask that covers your nose. Within minutes, you should feel calm and experience an overall sense of relaxation. You will be able to breath on your own and move your limbs and be conscious enough to hear and respond to our dentist’s questions. The effects of nitrous oxide disappear shortly after the mask is removed and the drug is quickly eliminated from your body.

Is Nitrous Oxide Safe?

The drug is combined with oxygen at dental offices, this ensures oxygen reaches the brain and prevents dangerous side effects or hypoxia. Nitrous oxide is a non-addictive and non-allergic, however it may cause nausea in up to ten percent of patients. we recognize that all patients are different and encourage you to talk with Dr. Harbin and Dr. Jones about whether nitrous oxide would be a good option for you.

We want to help all patients to overcome dental anxiety, so please, give us a call at Hendersonville Family Dentistry. 

Are You A Victim Of Gun Recession?

What is Gum Recession?

Gum (gingival) recession occurs when gums recede from the tops of the teeth enough to expose sensitive roots. People typically experience increased sensitivity to sugary or cold foods when gums no longer cover and protect teeth roots. In addition, untreated gum recession may lead to loosening of teeth and accelerated tooth decay, something our team at Hendersonville Family Dentistry sees all too often.

Causes of Gum Recession

  • Periodontal disease- a serious oral disease arising from poor oral habits.
  • Gingivitis- gum disease characterized by bleeding and swollen gums.
  • Aging
  • Overly aggressive brushing and or flossing- brushing hard in a scrubbing fashion will erode gum tissue at the roots of the teeth.
  • Genetic predisposition to gingival recession- having inherited thing, insufficient gum tissue facilitates gum recession.
  • Bruxism- a condition where someone regularly grinds their teeth, usually during sleep.
  • Chewing tobacco/smoking- promotes chronically dry mouth and reduced gum health.

If you are worried about gum recession, visit Hendersonville Family Dentistry in Hendersonville, TN and talk to any member of our team.

Busting Dental Myths!

Dental Myths and Misconceptions.

Sometimes the line between fact and fiction is easily blurred. This is certainly the case when it comes to dentistry, where myths and misconceptions abound. In a bid to put an end to health hoaxes, here are five dental myths to chew over.

Do You Know When You Have Dental Decay?

Sugar Is the Number One Tooth Decay- Sugar will rot your teeth. If you’re a parent, chances are you tell your children this every time they ask for something sweet. There is no denying that sugar leads to cavity formation, but it’s not the number one culprit of tooth decay. Sugar adds fuel to the fire, but it doesn’t light the match.

Going to the Dentist is a Painful Experience- It’s time to put this myth to rest. Now dental technology, developments in anesthetics and analgesics, and more conservative dental procedures have made visits to our office in Hendersonville, TN.

Bad Breath Means You’re Not Brushing- Poor dental hygiene can cause bad breath, but it’s not the only thing that will leave you looking for a breath mint. There are several factors that can cause bad breath, including illness, acid reflux, medication, dehydration. In addition, sometimes what you ear or drink can give you bad breath no matter how many times you brush or floss.

Bleaching Products Weaken Teeth- Gel, pastes, strips- there are all sorts of products available to make our pearly whites even whiter. If used according to the directions, bleaching products are harmless. They don’t affect the health or strength of the teeth, only color.

You Will Know When You Have tooth Decay-This is the type of false information that can lead to serious dental problems. There are no early symptoms of tooth decay. By the time you experience pain, your tooth decay has led to nerve damage, which means your decay is advanced and extensive. The only way to know if you have tooth decay and to prevent it is to visit our office at Hendersonville Family Dentistry twice a year for a checkup and cleaning.


Dental Emergency During Summer Vacation?!

Summer Means Vacation–Right?

For many of our patients at Hendersonville Family Dentistry, summer means a season of relaxation, vacation, and outdoor fun and activities. While you can’t take a vacation from dental emergencies, you can always be prepared for anything that can happen. Today, we will give our patients a few tips on handling dental emergency when you’re far from home and our office.

Dental Emergency When You Aren’t at Home.

Bitten Lip or Tongue- Clean the area gently with a cloth and apply cold compression to reduce swelling. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, go to a hospital emergency room immediately.

Throbbing toothache- Try brushing and flossing to ease the pain; the issue could simply that a piece of food is nestled in an uncomfortable spot between your teeth. If that is the case, try to gently remove the object with dental floss. If it still hurts, stick to soft foods, try an over the counter pain reliever, or dip a cotton ball in clove oil and insert it on the affected area until you can get to a local dentist.

Lost Filling or Crown- Dental wax will work to keep the sharp edges of your tooth from bothering you. If you can, save the crown or filling, and if you happen to have a denture adhesive handy, you can use it to temporarily reattach the crown until you can get to a local dentist.

Broken Tooth- Hold the tooth by the crown and rinse off the root of the tooth in water it’s it’s dirty. If possible, gently insert and hold the tooth in its socket. If that isn’t possible, put the tooth in a cup of milk and get to a local dentist as quickly as possible.

Broken Jaw- Apply cold compresses to control swelling. Visit a hospital emergency room as soon as possible.

If you have dental emergency after regular office hours and happen to be in town, please give us a call. We do have an after hours telephone number which will take you to our emergency number.